Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The LEGO Movie

So I just watched The LEGO Movie for the first time and it was great. I have a non romantic love for Chris Pratt that made me really excited when I heard his voice coming from the tiny LEGO man Emmet. The movie was funny and cute and the CGI was amazing and I was very pleased. I'm glad it lived up to the things I heard about it. It made me want to buy LEGOs and start playing with them like I did when I was a kid in aftercare at my school. Unfortunately... they're really expensive and I'm not dealing with that right now. Oh well.
I really like Emmet as a character. He's average and not special, which is the way I felt as a kid, and even now to some extent. The world is so full of repetition and uncreative things sometimes and it's all for acceptance. Something I learned is that mainstream goes for what's safe, and what is profitable. People who have a lot to lose will play it safe and get so caught up in trying to make enough that they really can't afford to be creative, because the public won't accept it.
Wow... Tangent. Anyway, I loved the movie and you all should check it out yourself. All two or three people who will probably read this.

~Wishing you all well

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