Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Glasses (a.k.a. Anna complains part 1)

Glasses are great. They help you see and make you look smart. Unfortunately they can also be a pain in the ass.
My first complaint: Sleeping. I am a lazy piece of shit and end up falling asleep at random times. When I wake up, groggy and unwilling to do anything I find that my glasses are still on. Unfortunately I have come to realize that my glasses are still on. The smallest inconvenience has caused me the most trouble when trying to fall asleep. I do not WANT to take my glasses off, but I have to if I want to fall back to sleep.
Second: They are dirtied easily. I wear my glasses all day unless I'm feeling exceptionally lazy and don't need them.i end up cleaning them maybe twice a day. It gets annoying and then I forget to clean them and then I take my glasses and, while everything is a bit blurry, it is much clearer in color.
Third: Physical activity. I am in color guard, a thing that requires I throw a flag into the air and catch it. On the not so rare times when I do not catch it, I usually end up hitting my hand or leg. Rarely do I get hit in the face... somehow this is a rare occasion. Anyway, When I do end up hitting myself in the face, I have to make sure my glasses don't break. Or the FLAG GETS STUCK ON THE RIM OF MY GLASSES AND FLINGS THEM ACROSS THE PARKING LOT AND ONE OF THE DAMN LENSES POPS OUT. Not a good thing.
That's all I have for now.

~Wishing you all well.

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