Saturday, January 31, 2015

Romance and stuff like that

I'm not all that old fashioned when it comes to romance. I don't want the guy to pay for me (unless I can pay him back or am really short on cash), I don't expect presents ever. I like being able to talk to someone who is close to me and someone I can say that I like a lot.
I use the word love frequently. I throw it around like it's nothing, although that's definitely not something I take lightly. If I say I love someone, it means that I think the world of you, be it a friend or someone that I'm dating. I never expect that to stick forever, unfortunately. I don't know.
My current boyfriend is a very sweet guy. He's very much a traditional romantic, and likes me enough (for some reason) to get me things. I sort of hate it, because I don't deserve things. It's really sweet, and he says he likes to. I like the handmade things me makes more. They're really cute.
My type of romance is more like 'please don't hate me if I want to be alone a lot because I really like being by myself' and 'let's hang out, I don't really want to go on a date or anything.' I'm pretty easy to please.
I just found a site that somehow magically keeps roses alive and dips them in gold (I FUCKING LOVE ROSES). That's the sort of gift I'd love to get from a man who was going to propose to me. I'd cry. A lot. So much crying. Unless I got it myself. I'd cry because it was beautiful. So beautiful. Roses make me happy.
I lost track of what I actually had in mind, and I honestly don't care if any of this made sense.

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